18 January 2006

Movie #12

Iron Giant. I know everyone loves the Incredibles for its whimsey and incredible art. But, the Iron Giant means a lot more to me. It's a story, that if I was ever a child, would have loved.

It deserves to be applauded, just like the Incredibles... for its retro art style, characters, and wonderful finish. Yes, the movie's uber-theme isn't very original, but for once there aren't singing/dancing animals and the child protagonist isn't a smart-mouthed punk.

The characters in this film are about 3 degrees away from being stereotypes. Which is just the right distance for a story set in the 50s. Everyone is likeable, without being something you've seen a hundred times.

The giant is interesting, the child is smart, the villain is unlikeable (as he should be) and the ending is filled with hope.

I recommend viewing it at least twice to catch all the detail and great energy. A smarter, better movie than the Incredibles.

From here on out there's nothing but cool pictures.