25 January 2006

Movie #13

Iron Monkey.

Monkey + Woo-ping Yuen + Donnie Yen = Masterpiece.

That's Donnie. Right there. He was in Blade 2.

If you want great cheorography, hire Woo-ping Yuen.

If you want great kung fu, hire Donnie Yen.

If you want me to come to your movie, put Monkey in the title.

Hot asian chicks get my attention, too.

Easily, the best kung fu movie ever. Even better than the Matrix. It's like watching a freakin' ballet.

The good kind of ballet... with monkeys and tiger fists. Not the erections and white pants kind of ballet.

Every scene is filmed with more love and care than most hollywood movies. He even takes time to film falling paper and a suitcase being dropped.

Got to love this guy.

Crouching tiger sucks. See Iron Monkey instead.

Favorite Scene: When Miss Orchid and Iron Monkey are collecting the falling papers inside the Pharmacey. Damn!