08 March 2006

Movie #16

Au Revoir Les Enfant. This was one of the first French films I ever watched and certainly the finest. If anything resonates about this films is how powerful the characters are -- anything with children as the stars is certainly going to capture my attention (okay that sounded dirty, and it wasn't supposed to), but, wow.

I think between this and unbreakable you have to very very real movies about how children behave and talk.

Hope and Glory is another gooder.

Irene Jacob is hot. So hot.
And since this movie is filled with kids,
pictures of children might give the wrong impression about this site.

But, the strength of this film is in its honesty.

And it's finish.

Before you know it, the film is over and you're left with this heavy, bitter sense of humanity's potential for villainy.

Again, I can't give away much, but this is a film that's about the performances and the characters, not the panoramic vistas and camera angles.

Okay. One picture of children.

Being a huge fan of directors like Gus Van Sant (who you barely notice is even pointing the camera), Louis Malle's work on this film is just as honest and perfect. I think this is good time to mention the movie Elephant. Go see it. Don't read any reviews.

Just go see it.

And go see Au Revois Les Enfant.

Better than Life is Beautiful. Better than the Pianist (but, only barely). Just as good as Lord of the Flies. Certainly better than Schindler's List. And so... so frickin' honest.

Why are you staring at me like that?

Quote: Parle vous francais? Ferme le bouche!