29 March 2006

Movie #20

Ronin. John Frankenheimer is a stud. With the exception of Reindeer Games (which I'm sure he wanted to make well... I know he did), Frakenheimer's body of work is just amazing.

The Train
Seven Days in May
The Manchurian Candidate
Black Sunday (was I the only one routing for the bad guys in this film?)
The list goes on.

Gamers around the world should love Ronin as the best plotted and scripted film of all time (for gamers). It opens with the characters completely in the dark about their mission, employer, and the scope of their objective.


I'm already hooked.

Add six great actors, some scouting, some espionage, chase scenes, some bang-bang, some cool european locales, and some testerone-laden dialog and you've got a great movie for anyone that likes to think a little with their tea.

This is the second best chase scene ever.
The best one happens 40 minutes later.

DeNiro... good as always. Reno... excellent. Stellan Skarsgard is the second best thing to come out of Sweden... always a treat. Jonathan Pryce plays a jerk. Natascha McElhone... soooo hot! So complex.

Well. I'm not the best marketing guru in the world. If smartgunchaseheimer isn't enough to convince you to see this movie, then you and dorothy need to see about getting yourself a heart.

QUOTE: What's the color of the boat house at Heirford?