09 May 2006

Movie #21

Last of the Mohicans. Never liked James Fenimore Cooper. Certainly liked him less after Twain edited him. But this movie is so frickin' good. Michael Mann proves that he doesn't know how to make bad movies.

Well-paced. Emotional. Rich. This movie has withstood the ravages of CGI and the addled brains of Lucas-fans.

This movie made it cool to love "Native American" films before Dancing with Wolves was more than just a disco move.

Pacing. Mood. Energy. Music. This film has it all.

Filming it in the Appalachians didn't hurt (second prettiest landscape in America).

And with shirtless guys like Wes Study and Daniel-Day, there's no wonder women dig it. It's a romanticized story about tragic characters in a world on the verge of collapse committing acts of violence that we are jaded against, today.

What a weird circle.

Although the "Stayin' alive" theme song should have been edited out.

I particularly love the music and the final fight scene on the cliff. The father's rage is very powerful and important. It's hard not to get choked up over it.

There are numerous pictures that I could post from this movie, but since this review is almost over, that would be silly.

This one is particularly gruesome.

I, of course, need to tell you to see this movie.

Complimentary Film: I Will Fight No More, Forever.