16 May 2006

Movie #22

Unforgiven. Originally, this movie was #23 on my list, but after I saw it what else was here, I realized it probably should be a little higher.

It's so freakin' good.


And I mean everyone in the film is awesome.

Eastwood, Freeman, Hackman, Harris, the whiney kid.

I can watch this ending, over and over and over again. And I have.

The script rocks and thank god someone with a brain directed it. Someone who understood how to film that level of violence. The audience needs to be scared of this movie. And Clint Eastwood pulls that off.

Totally deserved the oscar. Totally.

Suck on that Speilburg.

"We all got it coming, kid."

As a kid I hated westerns, because all they should on channel 5 was John Wayne nostalgia crap.

Peckinpah, Eastwood, and even Kostner, made the western a good, strong, meaty genre, devoid of the stupid black and white morality of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

And this movie just wraps them all up into a nice bag and reinvents the f--king thing ONE MORE TIME!

Absolutely, Gene Hackman's finest role.
Everyone wants him to do this again,
but it's stupid to get a genius like Hackman to play
the same character over and over.

Just stupid.

Well. If you've missed this one, add it to your list. Or come over and see it with me, because I'm watching it right now.

Complimentary Film: High Noon.

One more for the road.