10 June 2006

Movie #25

La Femme Nikita. Another French film. Before Luc Besson went crazy, he made ground-breaking action films.

That should say film, singular.

The Professional is more of a drama.

Sadly, the American version with Bridget Fonda stole the movie shot for shot.

Sort of.

Instead of just asking americans to endure the subtitles, a crappier version was made.


Anyway. When it came out, it was cutting edge.

But, that's the disease of action movies, they don't survive the test of time like dramas. So few people have even heard of this movie.

Yet another French film on this list, by the way.

Complimentary Film: Robocop

06 June 2006

Movie #24

L.A. Confidential. Hopefully, Sin City made everyone love Noir. And as good as the films Maltese Falcon, Third Man, and 39 Steps are, this one is so smart, and so much fun to watch.


It just gets the genre.

Yes, there is better noir out there. But the acting and writing in this film is off the chart.

And director Curtis Hansen chose the perfect team of up and coming actors to make this film.

And Kim Bassinger got an oscar.

Pretty sweet.

Guy Pearce, Russel Crowe, and Kevin Spacey OWN this film.


Complimentary Film: The Man Who Knew Too Much