28 June 2006

Movie #29

Usual Suspects. It strikes me as odd that this film isn't higher on the list. But then I sit down and watch this film and I realize that as good as it is, I couldn't watch it everyday like I could these others.

This movie skyrocketed Bryan Singer (director) and Christopher McQuirre (writer) into stardom.

I really can't say anything about this film, because if you haven't seen it, then the plot can't be "revealed" and if you have seen it, you know why it's on this list.

Gabriel Byrne. Kevin Pollack. Benicio Del Toro. Stephen Baldwin. Kevin Spacey.

Nice line up.

Complimentary Film: Limbo or Men of War.

* Yes. I know it's a Dolph Lundgren movie, but you need to watch it for the screenplay. Pay attention to what was written, not the way it was filmed (which isn't all that bad either). But the marketing and planning of this film is at odds with the story and production. Hey. Why am I reviewing another film.