03 July 2006

Movie #30

True Romance. Written by Quentin Tarrantino and Directed by Tony Scott, this film shows both people at the top of their game. Quentin didn't direct this film, so that means the silliness was edited out. Tony Scott didn't write it, so that means the plot was original and the characters believeable.

Such an excellent combination of actors and scenes, too. Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken... wow! James Galdofini before he was anyone. Gary Oldman as a reggae-loving drug dealer. Val Kilmer as Elvis. Even Slater and Arquette are good in this film.

Although there's all sorts of little things in this film that drive me nuts, it still stands as a smart, fast, tempetuous film.

The dialog is stupid at times, but the pacing is first rate. And Slater and Arquette are totally believeable as two semi-nihilistic slackers looking for something.

Where Slackers and a host of Burnout movies and 20 other films tried to be the "voice" of Generation X, this film becomes its poster child without even trying. Not because it even has a message, but because the people involved and the story portrays something deeper than just "selling stolen drugs."

A lot of people don't like this film and I totally understand why. Tony Scott isn't a genius director and most people that are Tarrantino fans, like all the schlock that comes with a Tarratino film.

Personally, I like this one, because it's neither of those things.

Complimentary Film: Kalifornia