10 July 2006

Third Intermission

The hardest part about reviewing movies that you like is that when you see something NEW that's really good, you have to contrast that to the films that have stood the test of time. Was this latest film just titilating? Was it smart in any way? Does have have replay value?

I've seen a lot of great films lately, but I have no idea where they belong on this list.

16 Blocks was incredibly smart and Richard Donner showed his true gritty roots as a director.

Pirates 2 was better than 1... do I change my entire list to reflect this?

Superman Returns was better than expected.

X-Men 3 was okay, but no where near as smart as the rest of the franchise. Sin City was captivating. V for Vendetta was brilliant.

Just things to think about as we move into the 31 to 40 block of films.