26 July 2006

Movie #34

The French Connection.

There's a lot of great stories revolving around how this film got made.

I could talk endlessly about it. But all I want to say is that I love Freidkin's work.

Exorcist, French Connection, To Live and Die in L.A., 12 Angry Men (1997).

Gene Hackman was amazing in this movie.

BONUS: Watch Transporter and Ronin.

24 July 2006

Movie #33

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The only movie Speilburg did not mangle with his caustic hands.

If you've not heard of this movie, please sublet your rock.

Perhaps the most famous movie scene of all time?

I have nothing else to say about this film (except part II and III are plagues on mankind... III is even worse than II).

Here's a rare poster:

BONUS: Watch Romancing the Stone and Flight of the Phoenix after seeing this movie.