08 February 2007

February 8, 2007

The Comedians of Comedy
A new wave of creative, risk-taking comedians are coming out of Los Angeles, New York, and cities all over America. Tired of shopworn premises, hack punchlines, and impersonal comedy, these so-called "alternative" comedians are the vanguard of what stand-up comedy will become in the 21st century. The Original Comedians of Comedy Tour is bringing these comedians to their fans who normally don't get to see them, playing small, packed indie music clubs and college venues. Patton Oswalt, with an upcoming Comedy Central 1 Hour Special and best-selling album FEELIN' KINDA PATTON; Brian Posehn, writer and performer on MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID, and Maria Bamford, star of her own Comedy Central special - all of them rising stars in the "alt comedy" scene, very funny, with solid personal hygiene habits No drink minimums, no crappy comedy club food, no props (except for Brian's "bubble magic", Patton's "Monica Lewinsky Puppet Theater" and Maria's Box o' Props) this is stand-up comedy where it should be - not in a comedy club.
What to Watch For
Maria Bamford
Although she doesn't get enough screen time
They are all funny, but her stuff is great
Brian Posehn... who I've met... twice now

Why You Should Watch It
It makes fun of all the comedy tours, without being satire
Gay jokes
Fart jokes
RV tension
Lots of cameras

07 February 2007

February 7, 2007

The Weather Underground
A sobering documentary about a group of 1960s "committed freedom fighters" known as The Weather Underground. A radical offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen didn't just march or sit in; they rioted and bombed -- not to change the American political scene but rather to destroy it. The organization was part of a global trend of revolution that sprang from the belief that not acting against violence is violence.
What to Watch For
Real interviews with the activists.
Chillling accounts of events you did not learn about in school.
Real people who actually "greased the wheels of Democracy with the blood of patriots."

Why You Should Watch It
The connections to events today are so sharply clear
FBI Agents are douche bags and always have been
More movies like this need to be made
More information like this needs to be made available to Gen-Y
Academy Award Nominee

06 February 2007

February 6, 2007

Noel Joyeux
French film about WWI.

What to Watch For
World War I Trench Warfare
Hot German Woman (singular)

Why You Should Watch It
It's NOT Legends of the Fall

I did not finish this film. I had to return it.

04 February 2007

February 4, 2007

Trey Parker before South Park

What to Watch For
You see.
Um. I'm not sure this is a MUST see.

Why You Should Watch It
That's a tricky one too.
It's got Ron Jeremy.
And Matt Stone is funny through most of it (even if he only has 6 minutes of screen time).