10 April 2007

April 10, 2007


I think it's amazing that people are finally saying this...
As the movie begins, vignettes and a voiceover illustrate that as unintelligent people enthusiastically outbreed intelligent people, future society will become inevitably and irreversibly dumber.
But this is not Mike Judge's best work.

This was very hard to watch.

Painful. And not smart. Just... smarmy.

Who thought making a movie like this would generate income? If it's going to be watched by INTELLIGENT people, the material needs to be smarter. If it's going to be watched by STUPID people, don't be surprised when BILLY BOB doesn't like laughing at himself.

Go figure.

Trivia: None of the shirts or pants in the future have buttons or zippers.

08 April 2007

April 8, 2007

BadDER Santa
Santa and his little helper are confidence men casing a mall all holiday season and robbing it blind Christmas Eve. The elf "shops" the stores while Santa cracks the safe. Following them through one last season of perverse holiday cheer you hear the 'f' word more frequently than in Scarface.
I love this movie. Billie Boy Thorton is priceless. And the kid who plays Therman Merman is as good as Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite.

I think this is my fifth viewing.

April 8, 2007

Spiderman 2

If you can believe it, Yun has never seen this film, so we rented it for her.

Damn. I forgot how good this series was.

Sam Raime rules the school.

April 8, 2007

The Lookout
An admired high school hockey player (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) with a bright future foolishly takes a drive in the night with his girl friend and two other friends with his headlights off with devastating results. The former athlete is left with a brain injury that prevents him from remembering many things for extended periods of time. To compensate, he keeps notes in a small notebook to aid him in remembering what he is to do. He also lives with a blind friend (Jeff Daniels) who aids him. Obviously, with the mental incapacitation, he is unable to have meaningful work. Thus he works as a night cleaning man in a bank. It is there he comes under the scrutiny of a gang planning to rob the bank. The leader (Matthew Goode) befriends him and gets him involved with a young woman (Isla Fisher) who further reels him in. After they get close and after reeling him in with his own failures, the bank plan unfolds. Confused but wanting to escape his current existence, he initially goes along with the scheme. After realizing he is being used, he attempts to stop the robbery, which of course immediately goes awry. Bruce McGill and Alberta Watson also co-star as the young man's parents, who still search for the person that was there before the tragic crash.
Fantastic character development. A perfect blend of quality production and Indie nuance.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be one of the best young actors out there. Totally underrated. So much range. So much presence.

Better than Brick.