11 May 2007

May 11, 2007


I've seen Batman and Robin and Vanilla Sky, so I can't confirm that this is the worst movie ever made... but damn... it's close.

Copying Gumball Rally at every turn, this low-budget piece of crap is why people hate "driving movies." Cannonball finds a way to be even worse than Cannonball Run I and II.

I could talk for days about all the bad, but instead, let me point to two key things.

One. With exception of five minutes of roadtime in New York, this cross-country RACE is filmed ENTIRELY in California. At one point, the racers, just a few miles from the finish line in NYC, pull into a shopping mall in Solvang, California. Every freeway scene is either on the 210 or somewhere on the Pearbloosom Hwy (Rte 14/18).

Two. There is a 17 car pile up (I only know it's 17 because later they refer to the actual number) that makes Chips look like Nobel Prize material. It is among one of the worst things ever put to film.

And Tarantino chose to pay homage to this crap with Death Proof (even filming in the same hills and having Kurt Russel drive the same car as the villain in this).

God. What dreck.


06 May 2007

May 6, 2007

Spiderman 3

Wow. Very nice. Not the best in the series, but very complex. Lots of stories going on at once.

'Nuf said.