04 June 2007

Monday Night Wars

A documentary about the WCW and WWF (now WWE) ratings competition that transpirted during the 90s.

Now that the WWE owns the rights to both shows, they offer a slightly slanted approach to the documentary, but it does point out everything that WCW did right (and wrong) in their rise and fall.

I was a huge fan of the WCW at the time of the ratings war, so I saw a great deal of incredible wrestling then. And I recall everything that was going on.

Fair, but slightly slanted.

Not FOX News slanted. But slanted.

Anyway. If you're even remotely interestd, it's a good documentary.


Sadly, guys like Kidman and Psychosis didn't get the air time in the documentary that they should have, but hey. That's small potatoes.

03 June 2007

Once Upon a Time in the West

Leone once again nails the tone and darkness of the west.

Wow. What a great film.

I can't believe how much money they must have spent on sets.

The "Whore" scene was a great deal awkward and I'm sure will stick with me for a while. But I think if a director can "get me" with something like that, he/she has done a great job.