11 July 2007


Annabelle Gurwitch stars in this self-made documentary about being fired from a Woody Allen play. Through cathartic necessity, she interviews dozens of people in dozens of fields (mostly actors) about being fired and how much it sucks.


Not great.

It doesn't really improve until she stops talking to actors.


Made my wife watch one of the greatest movies ever made.

She'd never seen it... and she was blown away.

People that don't love this movie need to be examined for skull fractures.

09 July 2007


What was marketed as a horror movie is more of a supernatural film about dealing with your past.

Not really scary, although it let's you think that's it's going to be scary MANY MANY times.

Better than I thought it was going to be, but still nothing groundbreaking.

Someone should have relegated this to the B-movie pile and let a more creative director have a hold of it.

Good. Not great.