20 July 2007

About a Boy

Hugh Grant plays a man with no wife, kids, or prospects for anything... because he lives alone and he doesn't want anyone else in his life. It's not overly complex... and it's not really entirely very good.

But for some reason I like it.

And I think it's because of the honesty of the characters. How they all eventually have to say what is real.

Whether they like it or not.

In England of all places.

17 July 2007

Le Samouraï

Considered the godfather of the new wave of cinema, Melville creates a film here that shares little with the samurai culture, but that explodes with so much quiet story, you can see it's impact in cinema throughout the 70s.

French Connection comes to mind of course as the most popular film to be affected... nearly every aspect of the movie is impacted by Le Samouraï. While not a great film by modern standards, there are little details in this film that you have to look for in order to truly appreciate the director's vision and accomplishments. And of course a true connoisseur of films will appreciate how so many movies owe homage to Melville's work.

Quiet. Focused. Directed.

Not a word is spoken for the first 10 minutes of this film.

The movie has little to do with samurai, but the TONE owes much to the contemplative and solitary ronin who seeks bushido and meifumado.

[Hell yeah. Find another review of movies that mentions meifumado.]


The Dead Girl

Dear merciful crap!!

What a fantastic movie.

Oh my god.

Told in FOUR PARTS from four different perspectives, the movie deals with the lives that are touched by the appearance of a dead girl in a field. All the performances are fantastic and real.... Some of the dialog is some of the best I've ever heard... just amazing.

Karen Moncrieff is absolutely fantastic. Her direction style is feminine without being annoying and EVERY character in the movie is amazingly deep.

I can't wait to see more from her.

Incredible lighting and color as well... if you're into that sort of thing.