27 July 2007

Forgiving Dr. Mengele

An Auschwitz survivor (twin sister) tells her story... and forgives Dr. Mengele.

Hard to watch. But the portions with Dr. Hans Munch are amazing. He's one of the only guys to get amnesty for his war crimes.

I won't tell you any more. If you're not interested in watching documentaries about the Nazis, skip this one.

26 July 2007

Shaun of the Dead

Noticed a few more things this time that I missed before.

It's amazing that this is a rookie director making this film. Because it's so tight and it is so self-referential.

So many little subtle jokes...

"Top Left. Reload. Oh. Nice one."


When the brits aren't making bad sitcoms, they make some mean movies.

Galaxy Quest

I've seen this about 10 times now. I love it. Tim Allen is actually funny and the rest of the cast is perfect.

Just perfect.

Everyone does what they are supposed to. Everyone nails their characters.

Believe it or not, Alan Rickman is upstaged by everyone else in the film.

If you think Star Trek is silly, you'll love this film. If you like Star Trek and can laugh at yourself... you'll love this film. If you have a brain, you'll love this film.

25 July 2007


This played in the background while I worked today. Loved the graphic novel and I love the movie.

Enid is so ugly as a character.

One failure of the story is that Seymour stays alone... everyone else in the movie moves forward, but he stands still.

Rent the DVD and watch a 6-minute musical scene from an Indian film called Gumnaam. Good stuff.

24 July 2007

Bourne Identity/Bourne Supremacy

Looking forward to the Bourne Conspiracy.

Matt Damon is not a wimp.

23 July 2007

Ultimate Avengers 2

The first cartoon in this series is really good. And this one picks up where the last left off.

However, there are some bumpy spots in the story. Certainly Henry Pym (Giant Man/Goliath/Ant Man... he goes by many names) has some great lines. He's hilarious.

However, some of the resolutions are utterly predictable and both halves of the villain forces are defeated pretty easily, given how TERRIFYING they appear for an hour of this movie.

I hate it when good guys win too easily.

It's boring.

Tony Stark is great once again and Banner is the best part of the movie, although the Hulk was underutlized... well... that's certainly putting it mildly. Unless there's a 3, there was no point in the Hulk even showing up.

The all the AFRICAN NATION stuff is... silly... but comic bookish.

But THOR... THOR was the worst part of the movie... Anyway. THOR teleports in the movie. He flies. And he throws runestones to consult the fates.

Three things he doesn't do in the comic.


Oddly, they got a lot of things right... names... details about Iron Man's armor... places.. events... etc.

[Oh jeesh. The guns on War Machine were pathetic.]

Anyway. If you liked the first one, see this one. But don't start you Avengers Education with this film.