10 August 2007

The Shooter

Mark Walberg plays an ex-Force Recon sniper in Antonie Fuqua's worst movie to date. That's right, it's worse than King Arthur.

I'm not sure if all Black directors have to eventually make ass movies after showing off the chops, but between Singleton (Boys in the Hood, Too Fast, Too Furious, Four Brothers) and Fuqua (Training Day), their peaks have long since passed. Cripes, they are one step away from "made for cable" and then after that there's only "Lifetime Exclusives" (shudder).

This movie is good for about 30 minutes and then turns into some of the dumbest crap I've ever seen. And I've seen Land of the Dead.


The Departed

Certainly one of Scorsese's best. I love this film. A lot of people complained about the ending, but I thought that was one of it's strengths, in addition to the fantastic performances by Mark Walberg, Leonardo, and Matt Damon.

Damn good stuff.

09 August 2007

Hot Rod

A little clumsy at times and often drawing upon its inner Napolean Dynamite, this movie is better than a movie like this ought to be.


08 August 2007

Bourne Ultimatum

Very very very nice. Bourne meets his match twice in this film, fighting guys from the SECOND GENERATION of killers.


Good story. Tight direction (although the shakey cam gets OLD fast).

Morocco is the best of the four countries they visit.

David Strathem, Albert Finney, and Scott Glenn round out the cast of Evil White Men.


05 August 2007

Friends With Money

Pretty good film. Accurate portrayal of couples, I thought. The ending is superb, especially if you're a nerdy male.

The women are complex, and most of the time, very wrong. Which is great, because the writer/director was a woman.

I HATED the one shot of them all looking in the mirror.

Unless that was a nod to all the previous HORRIBLE chick flicks (like Steel Magnolias and so on).

In which case, I approve.