13 August 2007

7 Up

In 1964, Michael Apt interviewed 20 7-year old kids and made a documentary about them. Every 7 years after that, he made another documentary in the series.

I've always wanted to watch this series. Sadly, netflix does not have 14 Up, so I have wait and find a copy locally before watching the whole series.

So Goes the Nation

A very smart documentary maker has put together a film about the 2004 Presidential Election IN Ohio. Live. With interviews before and after, from both sides. He knew enough to be IN the state weeks/months before the election, because he knew the state would be pivotal.

He not only shows how the Republicans won (fairly), but how the Republicans always win when the game is on the line.

The smartest documentary in YEARS. And so even-handed, it might as well have been made by Martians with no vested interest in American government.



If you love romantic fantasy (chock full of cheesy goodness)... and I know you do... this is the film for you.

Robert deNiro steals the scene. The sky pirates are off-course the best part of the film.

Some of the plot points are telegraphed.

But Claire Danes makes me feel happy.