31 August 2007

Ju Dou

Part Wooden Man's Bride, part Bitter Moon, part Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker, part Raise the Red Lantern, and part Temptress Moon, this is an early Zhang Yimou film.

While good, the pacing is wobbly and the story meanders. The subtitles on my version are bad, as well. There are missing words, typos, and so on.

Gong Li is one of the prettiest women in the world and she proves why she's so good at what she does with the simplest of gestures and expressions.

Highly recommended film.

30 August 2007

Band of Brothers

Over the course of the week, I watched 9 of the 10 episodes and the documentary. Episode 6 is really boring... and even 10 isn't very good.

But this is the best mini-series ever made, in my opinion.

So important.

Shanghai Triad

My wife had never seen the movie before, so I put the DVD in and we watched my favorite movie.

The ending is intense.

27 August 2007

Zeitgeist, The Movie

Once again, someone has made a 9/11 conspiracy theory movie. This one is smarter than all the others, but it's still a BIG RED PILL to swallow...

or take in suppository form.

Part I is absolutely brilliant movie making.

Part II is chilling and hard to accept.

Part III is a combination of about four other documentaries that I've seen.

It's important stuff, no doubt. But it's yet another film that's going to fall short of it's potential, especially when the finale and the opening are so diametrically opposed in their research.

26 August 2007

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Bay Theatre in Seal Beach played the original Han Solo Indiana Jones film tonight.

That is all.