21 September 2007


Someone needs to stop Rob Zombie from making movies.

This film was sooooo boring. And soooo stupid.

I thought this was supposed to be a horror film, but instead its a sad drama for 45 minutes and then after that it finally pays tribute to a few Michael Myer tropes.

Not a single death scene is scary and not a single moment in the film is riveting.

And the kid playing the young Myers looks like a cross between an Osark baby, a down syndrome patient, and a six-fingered Mennonite.

It's really weird to look at him. And disturbing that he actually has a movie career spanning over ten films.

What a horrible film to follow up the Brave One with.

The Brave One

Fantastic. I don't know what the critics are bitching about.

This movie was awesome.

And I can't see anyone but Jodie Foster doing this movie.


So good.

Excellent direction, too. After sneaking out of Dragon Wars, this was like falling into a pool of chocolate.

Dragon Wars

Aka D-Wars.

Aka one of the worst films I've even seen (but not the worst, because Vanilla Sky is).

We walked out after 20 minutes.

I think I need to make a list of really bad movies eventually.

School of Rock

Jack Black's best movie, unless you count High Fidelity as a Jack Black movie.

I don't like that the Bass Player doesn't get any screen time or a story of her own, but otherwise, this is a great comedy.

Linklater rocks as a director too.

Shoot 'Em Up

This movie was fantastic. The downtime was a little too slow for my taste, considering just how over the top ridiculous that fighting was, but Clive Owen rocks.

And this movie was everything I thought it would be.

Dial M for Murder (1965)

Grace Kelly is so hot.

Saw this in a pizza/beer theater as well.

Knocked Up

I hated 40-Year Old Virgin and I don't like Seth Rogan, but this movie was funnier than I thought it would be.

I still don't agree with the message, but there you go.

I saw this in a theater that serves pizza and beer, so that made everything better.