26 September 2007

7 Plus Seven

The sequel to the original 7 Up film, this one catching up with the children (all 14 of them) as they turn 14 years of age.

Such an amazing look into the sociology of people and how the develop.

The rich (English) kids have ideas at the age of 14 that some Americans never develop in their entire lives.


Add it to your list.

25 September 2007

Maxed Out

Add this to the list of documentaries I just mentioned.

So important. Anyone with a brain, knows better. But as someone in debt myself, I can see how easily ANYONE can get into a bad situation.

NOTE: There are three suicides and a few other "mentions" of attempts because of credit card debt.


Can you imagine?

24 September 2007

Starsky and Hutch

Bought the DVD. Laughed a lot. Ben Stiller is always funnier in character than he is when playing "himself."

Not enough fast driving, though. Makes me want to see the last half of the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

Our Brand is Crisis

Following members of a political consulting firm to Bolivia, where they've been hired to help controversial candidate Gonzalo "Goni" Sanchez de Lozada reclaim the presidency, filmmaker Rachel Boynton reveals the manipulation and orchestration involved in big-time political campaigning. With only a few weeks before the election, consultants Jeremy Rosner, Stan Greenberg and James Carville work their magic, shaping Goni into the ideal candidate.
How f***ers like Carville live with themselves is beyond me.

I highly recommend watching this documentary in combination with the Corporation and the Take.

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

An interesting, if one-sided documentary about what it takes to get elected in America, to even the smallest post.

Jeff Smith runs for office in Congress (House of Representatives) in Missouri's 3rd district after Gephardt announces his retirement in 2004.

Predictable and far from illuminating, the documentary is mostly self-serving and amateurish.

It does make Jeff look good and is a great piece to showcase his political skills, except for the moment when he cusses out his mom and/or dad on the phone the day before elections.

The Lady in the Water

This film was okay. Not as bad as the Village or Signs, but certainly not the best that Shymalan is capable of.

As a fairy tale, it's cute, but the film cheats a lot. And it wasn't surprising that he got all the "jobs" mixed up.

Good lighting and direction, as always. But, poor structure and story... once again.

Taladega Nights

Will Ferrel is always funnier in other people's movies, but in this case, he's certainly the funniest he's ever been in his own film.

I did not see Elf.

Nor will I.

And any film that makes fun of NASCAR is good by me.

Walker and Texas Ranger, however, steal this movie.

The smaller kid (Texas Ranger) is hilarious and the outtakes and extras are worth the price of admission.

Enjoy this little gem: "What are you looking at old man. I ain't a bottle of Jim Beam."

NOTE: I wrote this review before seeing Step Brothers.