06 October 2007

We Are Marshall

McG has probably never made an important or serious movie in his life.

Certainly anyone who uses McG as his Directing name has issues.

However, this film is touching and powerful every second of the way. I am stunned at how -- while sappy and manipulative -- honest and respectful to the material, the movie seems.

I say seems, because I have not read the book and only a handful of notes I've found on the internet regarding the true events.

I am not denigrating anything, but I know how "based on a true story" events can be.

But, so far, the movie appears accurate. And I can certainly say it's honest at times.

05 October 2007

Wages of Fear (Le Salaire de la Peur) (1953)

Also known as Le Salaire de la Peur, Wages of Fear may be one of the best films ever made. I had seen the American version — the Sorcerer — when I was a teenager and so I never bothered to watch the original.

Man, am I an idiot.




This level of Macho can only be matched by a Peckinpah movie.

Gritty. Mean. Dark. Oppressive. And perhaps the most nail-biting film ever made. The audience never gets a break.

Put this at the top of your list.

28 Up

Another in the series. This one shows nearly every person married and with kids.

No matter what their attitude about children was at 14, they all had different views by the age of 28... as though biology were betraying them to do something, no matter how much they believed it wasn't important.

Two of the kids refused to be a part of this arch of the documentary.

Again, the documentary was boring at times and often the director does not know what to ask. All of the answers sound the same.

35 Up coming next.

04 October 2007

Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg does it again. While not as strong as History of Violence, this movie is almost subliminal.

No message. No desire to tell you how to think or feel. Cronenberg has directed a fantastic mob tale.

While some facets of the story are predictable -- and at times belabored -- the direction is fantastic. There's a fight scene that's riveting.

And ladies, you get to see Viggo's dingle... which I might add is a grower, not a shower.

Everyone is on top of their game in this movie. And this is a good epilogue to HoV.

A must see.

21 Up

Another in the 7up series.

Since this was made for British TV in the 70s, it is quite slow.

And repetitive.

Not as good as the previous ones.

It is interesting to see how the lives of some of the children had very predictable outcomes, but a few others did not.

The maker of the documentary is on the cutting edge of something great with this series, but his poor production, direction, and interviewing skills are apparent.

I would love to see what Errol Morris would have done with this documentary.

I am watching 28 Up at the moment and will post a report soon.