22 October 2007

The Island

In an attempt to watch as many dystopia-future movies as I can, I opened my research with a movie that was good for about 30 minutes, before turning into just another excuse for an action movie.

This film put me to sleep.

Michael Bay does not understand genre. He does not understand pacing. And he does not know how to film more than one type of car chase scene.

His films are sexy and sleek, but that's more the art director than the director.

The plot is ruined in no time and there's never a plot point 2 or a twist to this film.

Which is really sad to me.

30 Days of Night

Very good.

Well done.

Not a single "funny" moment. As a movie of this type should be.

Nothing is over explained (although there are two really bad lines in the movie), but otherwise this is a solid piece of work.

And I never could have written that ending.

Overall Theme: Blood