29 October 2007

Michael Clayton

Tony Gilroy is the author of all three Bourne movies (and a dozen others), and makes his debut as a movie director with Michael Clayton, one of the smartest movies in a long time.

Wow. This is what lawyer dramas should be.

Lots of chatter, but nice and quiet moments when there needs to be some. None of the dialog is over the viewer's head however, and at no point are we confused about what is going on. It's so fluid, you feel like your swimming inside a warm body water.

My only (minor) complaint is that the film gives us a glimpse of a few characters, but really gets into Michael Clayton (which is fine, the movie is named after him), but when you have all these stars in one movie together, you really want to examine everything.

And of course, I love ensemble movies.

So. There is that.