06 November 2007

American Gangster

Wow. Disappointing to say the least. Clumsy. Inconsistent. Sometimes even stupid. None of the actors were really in the moment. The (metaphorically) threaded seams holding the film in place were obvious and annoying. And the woman they chose for the mother was a really poor choice, because she's so stereotypical in that role.

They really needed some new voices in the film, but instead had nothing but saccharine actors giving saccharine performances.

No awards for this film, I guarantee it.

Wait for video.

04 November 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

This review says it so well.

I thought this was such a funny, smart film. This and Dead Girl are in the TOP 10 for this year and certainly the best surprises in years.

Ryan Gosling is absolute spot on as a neurotic, shy, delusional mess of a guy. Seamless. There isn't a moment where I "see" him acting. He is — in fact — Lars, for two hours.