14 November 2007

The Bee Movie

Sometimes funny. Sometimes over-bearing. Chris Rock is fantastic. Jerry is pretty good. Renee is digestable. Patrick Warburton as Ken was priceless.

About 20 funny jokes in all. This movie is too much story and not enough humor.

But I'm glad it's not surfing penguins.

Gone, Baby Gone

Who knew that Ben Afleck could direct? Who knew Casey could act? Who knew Ed Harris could make your skin crawl and your face twitch at the same time (in a good way)? Who knew that Morgan Freeman would play the same character AGAIN, 66 movies in a row?

The first half of this film is everything I love to see in a movie.

The second half is clumsy and amateurish, filled with too much exposition and narrative.

It's tired. The final scene with Freeman and Afleck is just tiresome. It's like watching Will Smith in Hitch try to make sense to Eva Mendes... which should be easy considering neither one of them knows big words. But instead, it becomes a maze of illogic. Gone, Baby Gone's final dialog is just... so third graderish, I don't know what to say.

And of course the camera trucking across the screen in the final seconds of this movie is about as trite and tiresome as anything else you see the second half of this film.

11 November 2007

Fred Claus

I think you'd have to have a tumor in place of your brain to want to see a movie like this (on purpose), but in the end, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

In fact, all of the previews in front of it were awful, indicating that this movie would be much worse than it actually was.

I have no idea what possessed the people involved to make it, but if they'd stripped out a lot of the cheese and hackneyed story elements, it could have been good.

Oh. And the green screen was awful. Ludacris looked like a wayan's brother.