23 November 2007


Danny Boyle's foray into happy, family-safe material. This movie doesn't really say anything or mean anything, and when it does its a lot more heavy-handed than his important works.

Not bad, but not great.

The kid in the film is great, but he's going to be in The Water Horse, which looks like the worst movie ever. So, I won't bother learning his name, either.

22 November 2007


Good. Not great. Some excellent key moments. Good in-jokes from the video game.

Tim Olyphant is great as Agent 47. But the loser that ruined MI-2, tries to ruin this as an Interpol cop with his atrocious acting. I didn't bother to learn his name.

The dialog is really bad at times and the love-interest-thing feels tacked on and punitive. Not that smart.

But the highs make up for the lows.

I was disappointed that all the fight scenes were over so quickly, it gave them movie a weird urgency, akin to the video game.