01 December 2007

Fish Called Wanda

Rewatched the classic comedy with wife, who had never seen it.

My favorite part of the movie is still when Ken kills the dogs, one by one.


Damn. Damn.

Funny stuff.

25 November 2007

No Country for Old Men

I do not think the word FLAWLESS is an over-exaggeration of this film's fealty.

There is no recidivism here. The cohen brothers do NOT copy themselves. This is almost a John Salles movie, with no awkward pauses. No pregnant moments waiting to blossum into something else.

It is an exploration into a dark place, devoid of pretention and fat with context and texture.

Reviewing the details would do this film a disservice.

No Country for Old Men... merely is.

And does not pretend to be something else.

If Unbreakable is one of the best MOVIES ever made. And Seven Samurai IS the best FILM ever made. No Country for Old Men creates ranks somewhere on both lists.