01 January 2008


Much like every story of an immigrant who doesn't feel like they belong in their home country or the country they are moving too.

Still good.

Excellent art (it's animated).

And in French.

30 December 2007

Chicken Run

Nick Park at the top of his animation game. So much detail and scenery.

I feast for the eyes.

The writing is solid and smart, but not perfect.

But I think Wrong Trousers is his best work... so take that into account.

Solid solid solid A-minus work, nonetheless.

Mickey Blue Eyes

Hugh Grant and James Caan in completely underrated performances in an overlooked film.

Among the funniest comedies ever made.

And no poop jokes.

You have to appreciate good writing, otherwise this film is wasted on you.

First Blood

Oh yeah, baby.

The original Rambo, before Rambo movies got stupid.

Still a great film.

Les Diabolique

Another Henri-Georges Clouzot classic masterpiece of suspense, done in the Hitchcock style of double-double-double twists.

Reminds me of Dial M for Murder.

This movie would have been perfect, if Véra Clouzot (from Wages of Fear) hadn't been so stupid throughout the film.

I have a friend who can't watch a movie once a character does something stupid. He loses interest and stops caring about the character's fate.

I think Les Diabolique has about 20 minutes of that right in the middle, where you just want Véra Clouzot to get caught and be done with it. But then she visits the Morgue and the movie takes off.

My wife guessed the ending before I did. Which means she's getting smarter.

Which means she needs to be dealt with.

And soon...

Charlie Wilson's War

Start with a good book, turn it into a better script. Hire Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks. Make sure Julia Roberts speaks with an accent, so we can't tell how bad an actress she is.

And make sure a film about the death of millions of Afghans is never tense or sad, so you can end with lots of smiles.

Good film, but Aaron Sorkin wouldn't know how to write sad, if his hands melted off.