12 January 2008

Say it Isn't So

Part of a Double Feature DVD set that I bought for $5.

This is among the slowest and poorly paced of the Farrelly brothers' films. However, it has the best punch line of any of them.

Stuck on You

Farce from the Farrelly brothers.

Fun for the whole family.

At least the ones that can laugh at conjoined twins.

10 January 2008


This is not a chick flick.

I repeat.

This is not a chick flick.

Fantastic. Dramatic. Smart. Tense. Powerful.

This is NOT a chick flick.

06 January 2008

Jesus Camp

Watch this film if...
a. You're retarded and think the planet is 6,000 years old
b. Like making 9 year old girls cry
c. Need to learn brainwashing tactics for young children
d. Love to scare children with tiny, rubber fetuses shaped like "7-week" old babies
e. You think Mike Papantonio is the only Christian in America with a brain and want to hear him complain about Evangelicals
f. Want to see just how stupid 40% of America really is
g. Need to keep up with the enemy
h. All of the above
Drink up. Your kool-aid is waiting.