26 January 2008


Saw it again. Just as brutal as the first time.


I saw this movie on opening night and believe or not, I want to see it again.

I cannot believe I liked this movie.

I cannot believe it's actually ... pretty good.

I'm stunned.

Not as good as First Blood, it is the best sequel in the series. Sly seems to be getting grittier in his old age. He's trying to sew up the stories that have haunted his career and bring some closure.... in this case in a very visceral and angry way.

This movie is mean.

Just mean. The carnage is NOT gratuitous and pornographic. The carnage is necessary.

For a director trying to express outrage the only way he knows how, this is a fantastic film. Sadly, there are other ways to express carnage, but Stallone isn't looking for them in this film. Seriously... if there's a message in this film, it's that you should pick up a gun and start killing bad people. And he wants you to do it right about ACT II as the women of this film are being brutalized and mauled by drunk soldiers... just before the top of some "Burmese" soldier's head is blown off.

[The movie is filmed in Thailand is refers to Myanmar as Burma about 200 times. But whatever.]

This movie understands drama. It gets it. I hated writing that, but frankly, that's the truth. If you aren't cheering at three or ten different points in this movie, you are dead inside.

Sly makes you want to get mad ... for the first time in a long time. This movie is not "safe" and doesn't look for the easiest point of access to get critiques involved. But it does say a WHOLE hellova lot about violence in the world.

20 January 2008

The Bridge

I've been looking forward to this documentary for some time.

Sadly, it is not what I thought it was about.

I presumed, it would be about people committing suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge, and instead it's about a few people who committed suicide there and the stories about their mental conditions prior to jumping.

One guy even survived and talked about jumping.

Another talks about saving a woman.

Those two stories are sort of interesting, but the rest of the documentary falls short of even boring... in fact, I had a hard time understanding where the documentary started and the re-enactments began.

The making of was no help in answering this question and the people involved "behind the scenes" were just as boring as the rest of the film.

The bridge is good for about 10-15 minutes, but very quickly goes nowhere. The director was willing to sell all his belongings and buy $100,000 worth of video equipment. But he wasn't willing to do research, write an outline, or otherwise plan his film.

And that hurt the project in the long run.