01 March 2008

Just Friends

Funny movie. Bad script. No chemistry.

Ryan Reynolds is hilarious, but Anna Faris steals the movie with her "Brittany" impersonation.

The alternate ending is much better.

27 February 2008

Terror Planet

Robert Rodriguez is 100 times the director Quinten Tarantino is.

In fact, that may be an unfair comparison. It's like saying that a Bengal Tiger is 100 times the hunter that a mayfly is.

Mayflies don't hunt.

This is my second viewing of Terror Planet and I can't believe how fantastic it is.

Black Snake Moan

Strong first half.

Clumsy second half.

Could not finish it.

Do I need to say more? I think this was a daring story and a great idea, but so many parts of it were just "clunky."