15 March 2008

Vanishing Point (1997)

Oh my god.

So bad.

I couldn't finish it.


This movie just proves that no one can make car chases anymore. They can create STUNTS, but not chases.


Maybe Death Proof was good?!?!

Blood Diamond

The Good.

Wow. Fantastic. Smart. Touching at times. Great production value. Unexpected tone. I cannot believe how much money was spent making this film. Much darker than a big picture should be. Van da Kaap is a great moniker for de Beers. Edward Zwick makes it very clear that the consumers of diamonds are jerks. Leonardo is 90% believable in this role. Jennifer Connelley. Duh.

The Bad.

Overwrought. Poorly marketed. Preachy. Inconsequential. Awful final 15 minutes. Africa apparently sucks. I cannot believe how much money was spent making this film. Van da Kaap is an OBVIOUS moniker for de Beers. Edward Zwick asks the viewer to stop buying conflict diamonds, instead of holding big business accountable. Not a single African in the movie holds a candle to Djmon Hounsou, which just make everyone look bad. The villain is over the top. Eric Bana would have made a better lead on this one. Jennifer Connelley doesn't even get close to naked. What?

11 March 2008


I don't really know how to review this movie. David Fincher was so subliminal in this one... it's just... awkward... dirty awkward too.

I honestly knew very little about the Zodiac killer, but it was interesting to see how long he eluded everyone and how poorly prepared for this kind of thing everyone was.

Fascinating and intriguing film, with all kinds of suspense and accuracy. But the ending may frustrate people and at almost 3 hours, it's sure to bore anyone who thinks Transformers was good.