26 April 2008

Legend of Drunken Master

I absolutely love this movie. Most of Jackie Chan's film, during a certain era, continued to push the boundaries of stunts and kung-fu. The bad guy Jackie uses at the end, with the long legs and the "savate" style fighting has appeared before. And they always have great fights.

This one has a lot of funny moments and just a few touching moments. Jackie is always careful to balance the two in his films.

Sadly, the version I rented was dubbed, with no Chinese/Subtitle option.

Sigh. You get used to it after 20 minutes, but it's still annoying.

20 April 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

Someone should tell Jet Li to stop speaking English.


Other than that, this film was a blast. I loved the final 30 minutes. Lots of good, strong, emotional beats were hit.

Michael Angarano was just great in this role. Really went to zero to hero.

All the villains were good too and of course, Woo-ping Yuen shows no signs of getting old as he continues to innovate.

The characters are mostly taken from Chinese mythology and adventure pulps. Lu Yan is a famous Taoist Saint. The Jade Emperor is the ruler of the Heavens in Chinese myth. The Monkey King is from a 16th Century fantasy epic by Wu Cheng En. Golden Swallow was the name of the character played by Cheng Pei Pei in a number of Shaw Bros films like Da zui xia (1966). The White Haired Demoness is the anti-heroine of a pulp novel by Liang Yusheng (filmed twice) with the same title.