08 May 2008

Baby Mama

Since I own GTA 4 and I've seen Iron Man, there's not a lot out at the moment for me to watch.

That said, I cannot fathom what demographic this film is targeted at. It's not smart and it's not funny. So it's certainly not for people who
  1. are smart
  2. like to laugh
I laughed two or three times, maybe. And I don't really remember ever "getting into" the film. I like Tina Fey and I want her to succeed, but I think her "schtick" of being a successful woman has been played.

Yeah. We get it. Your smart, somewhat cute, and you make boys laugh. Wow. You deserve a medal.

If people were looking for a reason to dislike her, this film was it.

Dax Shepherd is somewhat funny. Greg Kinnear plays a throw-away character. Just lame.

And Amy Poehler can do no wrong in my opinion, even when the film isn't funny, she's running away with the scenes.

Speaking of... there are literally scenes in this film that I can't figure out why they were in there. After the scene ended, I looked over and asked, "what was that?"

As a final insult, Michael McCullers is both the writer and director of this flop... and apparently he didn't even know what was funny about the movie/script. Or else, he didn't know how to film what was funny.