07 June 2008

Hot Rod

Extremely re-watchable comedy.

Andy Sanberg wasn't even the first choice and this film was completely ignored. But it is hilarious. The speech before the "big jump" rivals any final speech in a movie, ever.

The plot is exactly as transparent as this kind of comedy plot should be.

Highly recommended. And there's no gross-out humor.

06 June 2008


I'm not sure how accurate this film is.

Wikipedia gives a loose account of facts that seem to contradict a lot of the movie.

And the book I'm reading right now starts with him at the age of 50 and then tells the story backwards.

He did wipe out the Tangut Empire (just before his death) wiping it from history.

But the meat of the film seems to be about things other than war and the actions that made him great. Instead, it's about the minutia of his times in exile and as a prisoner. The sixteen years he spent uniting the tribes is glossed over and the real stuff I wanted to see... the decimation, occupation, and consolidation of Eastern Russia and Asia is just a tagline on the screen at the end of the film.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is an A+. All the way. Not a single moment is wasted. But I wanted more. I wanted another hour. 126 minutes was not enough. And I suspect that the Russian version of this film was much longer.

Tadanobu Asano and Khulan Chuluun were fantastic. Wow. Chuluun was hot, even. But. Um. That's irrelevant.

This movie is strong. The cast and performances were great. And its great to see a movie like this about a country that gets no attention today.

02 June 2008

The Strangers

Movies like this usually lead to an increase in gun sales I imagine.

Terrifying. Absolutely one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Brilliantly paced and my chest still hurts from watching it.


I didn't like the clich├ęd twisted ankle or the last frame, but otherwise, few complaints.

This is not a stereotypical slasher film. Anyone who says that didn't pay attention... this movie rachets up the tension at a level I cannot calculate. While not based on a true story, or even depicting anything remotely close to realistic, the movie does prey on our preternatural fears.