31 July 2008

Step Brothers


It's funny.

I hate to admit that, because I usually hate Will Ferrell movies.

But this one is funny from beginning to end.


Bang Bang You're Dead

Certainly to be (purposely) confused with the play of the same name by William Mastrosimone, this movie has a little bit of the play in it and a lot bit of Elephant (by Gus Van Sant) in it. Elephant may be the best film on the subject... hell... it certainly is. It's also one of the best high-school films ever made in the non-hijinx arena. Chumscrubber is up there. Donnie Darko has it's limits, but it's great too. Happiness is also very good, although not about High School, really.

But Bang Bang You're Dead has one thing none of them have... Ben Foster... one of the best actors of his age... Crap... why didn't he play Darth Vader?

BBYD is good, not great. But important. The scene where the teachers unearth one of the videos made by Ben Foster (Trevor), is certainly the strongest in the film. It's good without being preachy and about the level of "in your face" that a movie like this needs if it's to get a "message" across... which is the whole point of the film.

It's not for everyone and it certainly won't affect the bullies the way the play pretends to affect football bravado Brad Lynch.

See it as a primer to Elephant, if you haven't already. And make your PTA group watch it for sure.

X-Files: I Want to Believe

Not being an X-Files junkie, this kind of movie is hard for me to review. For instance, I hated Firefly, so it was a no-brainer that I would hate Serenity... which I did. And I certainly didn't like the first X-Files film.

But this new movie. Well... it's hard to explain.

First. It's really good. It's actually a good movie. But, I'm sure a lot of reviewers are going to complain about some of the decisions in the film. Personally, I thought it took a look of brave turns. There's no extra-terrestrials and Mulder and Scully are getting older... and the script doesn't shy away from this.

Second. It's a smart thriller. It doesn't really cheat and there's a lot of "holy crap" moments in it, unless you're a completely jaded movie watched.

Third. It's not a comic-book movie, in a summer full of slam dunk comic-book movies.

Fourth. It captured my attention and I don't like the series. That's pretty resonating feedback, if you ask me.

Sadly, the low budget is obvious and Sculley's subplot is predictable. But the rest of the movie is strong. And if you're going to watch 20 movies this summer, I would add this to the list.