11 August 2008


This title is as ill-conceived as the 700 themes running parallel through the movie.


Two bad movies in one night? Is that possible. Must watch Quickchange. Clean sepsis from ears... and eyes.



No. Seriously. Wtf?

I couldn't get past the 30 minute mark. Whatever this is supposed to be, it's not a movie.

Good luck with it.

10 August 2008

Straight into Darkness

What starts as a very smart and chilling tale of two American soldiers in the Winter of 1945, becomes a slow and meandering story about... mentally disenfranchised French Orphans fighting Nazis.

That's right.

And this isn't a B-movie. With a tiny, tiny budget, this movie is expertly made. The production quality and acting are superb.

But, what the hell?

I don't have much to say about this film after that little tid-bit.

Straight from their website:
When two young American GIs desert their platoon in the final days of World War II, they will find themselves struggling against all odds to stay alive. Their strange and violent journey will bring them together with a band of orphans who are expertly trained killing machines in an attempt to defeat a Nazi battalion. With the perfect combination of horror and action, Straight Into Darkness is a haunting and powerful war film that is unforgettable.
The treatment fails to address the orphans' mental and physical handicaps—the expert killer has no legs—but whatever.

I thought I was getting a horror movie (which in some ways I did), but instead I got Carnivale meets Band of Brothers.

Justice League: New Frontier

I already reviewed this about nine months ago. It's still one of the best cartoons ever made.

So amazingly good.

Watched it again after my friend returned the DVD.