23 August 2008

Stuck on You

My second favorite of the Farrelly brother movies.

Hilarious. I don't care what you think about it.


And........ Wen Yann Shih is so freaking cute.

Tears of the Sun

In case you ever need to take the edge off the comedy you've been watching, Nigerian genocide is always funny, too.


Man. Nothing makes me laugh harder than death/rape camps.

I really wish this last 30 minutes of this movie did not exist. Because Fuqua nails everything else perfectly. But the last fight scene is so Jerry Bruckheimer, I want to claw my eyes out. Ugh.

Tight film otherwise.



Tropic Thunder

No where near as funny as Uncle Buck.

Or Dodgeball.



Good. But not as great as the previews would you lead you to believe. Jack Black's talent was wasted in this film.

The opening four "commercials" however... damn!

Uncle Buck

The classic John Hughes film.

Hilarity. Of course.

John Candy deserves every accolade ever. Funny and sweet at the same time.

19 August 2008

Dragon Tiger Gate

A Chinese Kung Fu extravaganza!

Excellent fighting and sets. Incredible, actually.

But, the story was a lot of "huh?" and the pacing was peppered with sad, slow moments for no reason, other than to film time.

And the villain just sort of "happened."

Seriously, a mixture of great and awful at the same time. It felt like a bad anime film. And of course, everyone's hairdo was straight out of manga. The third wheel of the movie — "Turbo" (yes, that's his name) — had a blonde wig.


Rent it and fast-forward past anything that isn't a fight.

ASIDE: The dream-like pagoda scene would have been great, had it fit into the story somehow.

The Cutting Edge

The classic skating movie that I have not watched in ages.

Everyone knows this one and is embarrased to admit they like it.

It holds up well, except for the cheesy 80s music and film techniques.