24 August 2008

Napoleon Dynamite

Once the awkwardness settles in, this movie is infectious. And of course, there's the dance scene.

If you're not familiar with the movie, move on to the next review. Nothing to see here.

The Wedding Banquet (Xi Yan)

Ang Lee's second best film (Ice Storm is fantastic — go see it).

The old man chastizing Gao Wai Tung for not having a Banquet is my favorite scene in the movie... just awesome. Only an old Asian person could get away with that level of guilt. Not even Jewish mothers can compete with this scene.


Watch this and then Eat Drink Man Woman... what a combo.

(Pushing Hands stinks.)

The Replacements

I still can't believe Gene Hackman did this movie. Or Keanu Reeves?

Ha. The salaries for this film must have been the most expensive part of the budget.

Not many good football movies out there, though, so after 20 views I'm still not sick of this one.

It's like comfort fudge that's bad for you.

Death Race




Paul W.S. Anderson...


Went from Mortal Combat to Soldier to Resident Evil to... um...AVP (oh god) and they still keep giving him movies... ?!?

He's doing the Castlevania movie next, which is great, because he even made this piece of work look like a bad video game.


The car chases are awesome, but anything having to do with logic or story or anything else... well...

Just... go in knowing that it doesn't have any.

Or a very good ending.