04 September 2008

Road House

Perhaps one of the best bad movies ever made, you cannot top this plot.

"I'm trying to fix my bar and I need the best damn bouncer there is to help me do it."

That's it.

How much more complex does it need to get?

"A polar bear fell on me."


Rumble in the Bronx

Watched this twice, actually, just to get to the juicy fight scenes.

This was my first Jackie Chan film when I was 20 or something. And I remember thinking... what the hell am I watching? How did they? What was that? Oh my god!

I still get that feeling with this movie.

Even the stupid, hokey ending is fun for me.

I cannot believe that amount of action in this movie. Still stuns me. As I write this, I want to go and watch the fight scene between Jackie vs. the Gang in their "lair."

Shanghai Noon

I bought this at the local con for $4 (although with a few others).

The fighting is slower than I remember, but toward the end of the movie, you hardly notice.

Owen Wilson at his funniest... much better than the abysmal Shanghai Knights.

Spice World

That's right.

You read that title correctly.

Believe it or not, this is an hilarious movie. You are welcome.