09 September 2008

V for Vendetta


So damn powerful.

So good.

I love the graphic novel. It's my favorite of all time. And I approve of all the changes they made (even if Alan Moore didn't).

I'm sure I reviewed this when I saw it in theaters, but I just watched it again on DVD. Natalie Portman as Evie is pure genius.

My favorite scene is the same as in the comic, when Evie finds out that the prison she was in is in fact, V's home... dear god... when she can't breath because the realization of what has happened to her finally catches up... when the weight of all that fear is washed away by years of fetid effluence and societal detritus (waxing poetic here), it's the most cathartic moment in any piece of literature I've ever read or watched.


Damn, I say.

What else is left when fear is lifted from your shoulders.

Watch this, read the comic, and then read Midnight Nation by J Michael Straczynski.


08 September 2008


I bought the "deluxe extended, unrated filled with extras but not really" edition and enjoyed McLovin as much this time as I did last time.


Almost as simple a plot as Roadhouse, but not quite.

"We need to get booze for a party, but we only have one fake I.D."


"I want to clean up my bar and I hear you're the best."

That doesn't make it less great, but it does make it far from being the best #1 film ever.

Sorry, guys.

Again, a great film, because Apatow didn't direct.

About a Boy

Watched this again.

I love this movie.

Hugh Grant as an asshole is great fun.

This is good comedy and no one does films like this anymore.

Quick Change

Part of a barrage of comedies that I've been watching in my down-time. Fantastic movie. My favorite comedy. This and Love Actually... not sure which I'd rather have on the desert island.


And Groundhog Day.


Bought this on DVD as well.

Tony Jaa's really only good movie so far. I fear that Ong Bak 2 will suck.

Nonetheless, the fighting here is fantastic.

Hot Fuzz

Hilarious. Of course. Bought it on DVD and I loved it. I've reviewed this before.

It's not as good at home as it if on the big screen, but I loved this one.

Lots of nods to Shaun of the Dead.

The Rocker

As funny as I expected it to be. The physical gags were kept to a minimum and the story flowed well. The music was awful (made for a modern emo/jonas brothers crowd), but the Vesuvius (glam-rock band that kicked him out) stuff was hilarious.

I don't really know what else to say about it.

Christina Applegate was surprisingly good and believable as a MILF/Cougar in the movie. It's the same people from all of Apatow's stuff... so it's kinda the same jokes over and over... but in this case it works (unlike in some of the films that he directed himself — I'm not a fan).

Much better than Dewey Cox, that's for sure.


Not really that funny. Too much of a copy of Superbad and not really good enough for the big screen.

If I'd seen this on video, I might have laughed more.

First 10 minutes are boring and the second act sucks (not to mention that bad dialog), but it had its moments.

Sadly, the preview tricked me and I want my two hours back.