12 October 2008


I cannot tell you what this film is about.

I can only tell you to watch it.

Knowing the plot will ruin it for you.





Not a safe topic.

Bill Maher and Larry Charles make a documentary about the only thing you can't make a documentary about.


The last 10 minutes is nothing but soap-boxing. Good soap-boxing, but... you know.

The rest is amazing stuff, revealing all religious people for what they really are. Everyone backpedals and over-explains, trying to protect the hypocrisy of their beliefs.

And if Bill were debating with people intellectually, he would have disarmed every single person there, but... these people are debating passion and belief... he's debating logic.

It's an awkward documentary/essay at times.

And while my Long Beach theater was packed, I can see this film going unwatched in most of the world.

Son of Rambow

Not really the movie that was advertised.

It's good. But not great.

Certainly nothing new or spectacular, but very British.

Aren't you glad I'm here to steer you away from these kinds of movies?