04 November 2008


As great as this movie is, and it is great, it's not Eastwood's best.

Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby are hard to top.

But Angelina Jolie is first-rate in this movie and the dirty cops rachet the tension up so high… mercy… I don't even know what else to say about this movie.

Be prepared to be aggravated at the world we live in.

That's all I'm saying.


I don't care what you think, I love Guy Ritchie films. He's not a great director, but his stories are always lush with characters and situations. Even if one looks a lot like another, he always comes up with great characters in unbelievable situations.

Rocknrolla is most like Layer Cake, but it's still great in its own right.

I'm not a fan of Gerard Butler, but I loved the rest of the cast. Archie (played by Mark Strong) makes the movie. He's perfect balance for this film.