14 November 2008


You might be wondering why I would be watching this film a day before Quantum of Solace comes out… Roger Moore is hardly a fitting bond. Who would want to actively seek out a Roger Moore Bond film when you already own Casino Royale? What are you stupid?

Well.That's a great question.

And now to ignore it completely, let me tell you I rented this film for one reason and one reason only… to watch the single best moment in any bond film… Roger Moore racing to disarm the nuclear bomb at the US Air Force base in West Germany.

Holy crap!

Not only is this white knuckle stuff — it's about 20 minutes of film time from point A to point B — it's also the only time we ever see Roger Moore sweat. I mean really, really sweat.

I only watched that scene and then I turned it off.

11 November 2008

Three O'Clock High

Playing on the concept of High Noon, where the hero must wait for the bad guys to arrive for the inevitable fight, Three O'Clock High pits a loner, nobody student against the new school tough guy in an after school fight in the parking lot.

Oh yeah.

This film rocks on toast.

I'm being serious here. Despite it's low budget, this late 80s teenager coming of age story is as good as any of the John Hughes films set in the same "day in the life" vein of films.

Seriously. It's that good. It doesn't have all of the jokes of Sixteen Candles or the angst of Breakfast Club, but it is exactly what this kind of movie needs to be. A totally underrated and overlooked movie in my opinion.

Despite the lack of names that you may recognize, the cast still shows its chops in front of a camera. Something I was very impressed with.