06 December 2008

Punisher: War Zone

Not really a very good apology for the previous two abominations that are Punisher films, but certainly gory. This movie looks a lot like the blood-drenched corpses in any Steve Dillon comic. Its almost as though the Punisher never existed until Garth Ennis wrote about him, five years ago.

Nice nod to Tim Bradstreet in the movie. He's a friend, so I get all smiley whenever he gets his props.

Everything about this movie is a B-minus, in the strictest sense (except for Jigsaw's acting which is a D-minus.). The production, dialog, pacing, direction, and story. There's nothing new here. Nothing. And because the Punisher only works within the confines of a comic book — and because every 80s revenge movie is a clone of Punisher — there's nothing new to explore here. Certainly everyone involved knew this, but decided to make a big bad movie anyway.

It was better than the Fantastic Four movies, however.



What can you say about a documentary detailing the nerdiest topic since Star Trek conventions and college drumlines?

Well. If you're a font snob like I am, a lot.

First, let me state, that while I was not turned around 180 degrees on the aesthetics of Helvetica (it is hideous to me), this documentary did give me some insight into why it might be a little more useful than I thought.

At the end of the day, though, it's still a Euro-trash font. Minimalist, as it maybe, it's still everywhere you go. And while it has innumerable uses, it still doesn't say anything. It's not a good font.

And while there are only a handful of people in the documentary with a dissenting opinion about the world's most important font, that doesn't make it so.

On the merits of the film, however, this is an expertly crafted documentary for anyone who even remotely cares about aesthetics or print.

01 December 2008

School for Scoundrels

Not great. But not as bad as it could have been.

Lots of interesting casting choices, with a very "interesting" directing style... the movie wants to be Bad Santa, but it never gets there.

Poor Jon Heder. Never gets a break. Since Napoleon Dynamite, his choices in roles have been as insignificant as this post.


The State Within

I love political thrillers and this BBC produced six-part saga about a potential attack on the United States and the wheels in motion that could trigger another war... fantastic.

I love six-hour shows and I can't think of anything to make this one better. Sure, the lighting and sound sucked in the first episode, but context-wise, the writing is superb. Really top-drawer.

Jason Issacs is an underrated actor who is really coming into his own here.

Lennie James is good, although a little over the top near the end.

Sharon Gless... um... she's still alive?... is really good, too. She makes a great case for why Donald Rumsfeld is completely irredeemable as a human... and completely unbelievable as a mammal.

And where are all these hot british chicks coming from?

My favorite moment is the "exchange" between Jason Issacs and the Governor of Florida.

Add this to your Netflix queue.

Kickin It Old Skool



Not really as funny as Jamie Kennedy can be.

Although, the "do you like Justin?" gag made the entire movie worth watching.