16 December 2008


Arang is the Korean legend of a young woman whose spirit must be avenged. This movie is a modern cop drama/horror-thriller loosely based on this folklore.

While the film starts slow, the ending is really strong. The writing is really good, even if the production value is very low. The "horror" is never really very scary, but the science and folklore mixed together are a tough act to follow.

Like all good Korean movies I've seen, this one continues to surprise in the final 15 minutes.

And, like all good Korean movies, the level of misery the people must endure makes Se7en look like a Disney movie.

King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

This documentary details the "rivalry" of king Donkey Kong players Steve Wiebe (a nobody in the world of video game high scores) and Billy Mitchel (a man whose entire persona and self-esteem revolves around being the best). Of the original FIVE video game titles that Mitchel held, only the Donkey Kong title remained in 2007.

So, of course, Mitchel and his cabal of mutant toadies, helmed by Brian Kuh (a 30-year old retiree who should be thrown under a bus) and Robert Mruczek (something that barely passes for human) do everything in their power to protect King Mitchel's throne from being usurped.

Long story short, you need to see this film and then read up about it on Wikipedia. If for no other reason that this…
Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, wondering "Who would have guessed that a documentary about gamers obsessed with scoring a world record at Donkey Kong would not only be roaringly funny but serve as a metaphor for the decline of Western civilization?
Just amazing, the amount of energy these people expend. Jillian Wiebe is the true hero of this documentary.

15 December 2008

Secrets of the Dead: Battle for the Bible

In an attempt to learn more and more about the roots of the Christian pathos, I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately on Jesus and so on. This one is really informative. Well put together.

I was never aware of how hard it was to translate the bible into English, although I was aware of the power the catholic church had over the Western World for 800 years.

A must see for Christians and non-believers.