26 December 2008

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains

I consider Carter to be among one of the most important humanitarians in the world. His efforts to bring peace to Isreal, repair the after-effects of Katrina, and spread his word of good will around the globe. This documentary (by Jonathan Demme) follows Carter's book tour in 2006 as he defends himself against the Israeli Defense League's media machine and the claims that Carter is a liar, plagiarist, and anti-Semite.

And anyone that sees him talk for even 10 minutes know this isn't true.

A must see for Palastinians and anyone else that has had it with stranglehold journalism.

25 December 2008

Rock Star

I like this movie. It's not box office gold, but it's good enough. Mark Wahlberg is an excellent choice and he can really sing.

I would have liked a little more Act II and Act III, but I guess the budget wasn't there… it sort of races to a conclusion when all people really want to see is more sex and drugs and debauchery.

Details were changed from the Ripper Owens/Judas Priest story enough so that they didn’t have to pay for the license rights or something. Some of the inaccuracies to that story are so heavy-handed, it becomes obvious they didn’t want to look too obviously like the non-fictional basis for this film.

Day the Earth Stood Still

People are complaining about Reeves’ obviously mechanical performance (duh), but they should really complain about the lack of a point to this movie.

Will Smith's son is in the film, as the most annoying pre-teen ever. I was praying for Hanna Montana to show up, but that never happened. So. Instead, I got 75 minutes of artificial tension followed by an ending that only makes sense if you've seen the original.


Better than Appaloosa, though.

ASIDE: Clease was so poorly cast and his dialog so stupidly rigid, he would have been better off saying nothing. A lot of people felt like they were cast because someone lost a bet. Reeves in the opening three minutes as a mountain climber in 1928 India also could have been trimmed from the movie. It never gets explored again and becomes irrelevant during the McDonald’s scene.

Oh yeah.

There's one of those.

Oh. And Jennifer Connelly doesn't get naked in this one, either. What the heck?

21 December 2008

Smokey and the Bandit I & II

These came together on one disc from netflix.

Legitimately, Smokey and the Bandit is considered the hallmark of the car chase, car wrecking genre. Because of the absence of spelling effects, and the focused "needle" of the camera, it holds up to this day as a great movie. I can watch it over and over again, and never get tired of watching that Trans Am peel out.

[Growing up in a house filled with muscle cars makes me a little biased about this movie, but you can't tell me it's boring.]

Two... well... two may be the worst sequel since Highlander II, Superman III, Star Wars VI, and the Lethal Weapon series. It's almost like everyone was replaced with twelve-year old clones, who lacked the understanding of pacing, dialog, structure, and story… oh… and who also didn't watch the first one.

Why? Oh Why?

My Kid Could Paint That

Uneven production value. Too much heavy-handedness in the direction. Too many people with disjointed testimony. A four-year old kid that is an absolute dream to watch on camera.

I will point you to the wikipedia article about this film and leave it at that. Decide for yourself.